Trade help

Basic start up help for trading on mitsuki’s twitch stream.

Gen 6/7:

  1. Start by saving your friend code with the command !savefc followed by your 12 digit friend code found on your 3ds’s friend screen. E.g.
    !savefc 0000-0000-000
  2. Deposit a pokemon into the GTS and request for a pokemon of your choice, (Mythicals cannot be requested on gen 7 GTS, they can however be requested on gen 6 GTS). Make sure to keep the level and gender set to any to prevent any errors from occurring.
  3. After you have deposited a pokemon, type either !tradeORAS or !tradeXY if you’re on gen 6, or if you’re on gen 7, just type !trade
  4. Wait a few minutes for your trade to be processed, once done the bot should ping you in the chat to notify you that your pokemon has arrived successfully
  5. When the bot notifies you of your trade being complete, take your new pokemon out of the GTS.

Gen 8:

  1. Start by saving a unique 8 digit trade code with the command !setcode e.g. !setcode 1234-5678
  2. Ensure you’re connected to the internet, once you are type into the chat !strade request: Pokemon
    (Replace pokemon with the pokemon you want to request)
  3. After a few minutes the bot should ping you and say “User Its your turn now, please start searching, you have 60 Seconds to match with me!” which you then proceed to use the search with the code you have provided to the bot.
  4. If the bot successfully finds you it should say “User i found you, Trainer Name: Your Name, waiting until you select a Pokemon!, If that isn’t you, please change your code to a harder one!” you will then have 60 seconds to trade the bot a pokemon that you have.

Extra customization:

If you wish to add any extra customization to your pokemon that you request, you would need to add them on after the !tradeORAS, !trade or !strade command.
E.g. !strade Request: Toxtricity, Form: Low Key, IsShiny: Square, Item: Choice Specs, Ability: Punk Rock, EV_HP: 0, EV_ATK: 0, EV_DEF: 0, EV_SPA: 252, EV_SPD: 4, EV_SPE: 252, IV_HP: 31, IV_ATK: 0, IV_DEF: 31, IV_SPA: 31, IV_SPD: 31, IV_SPE: 31, Nature: Timid, Move1: Boomburst, Move2: Overdrive, Move3: Volt Switch, Move4: Sludge Bomb, GMax: Yes, Level: 50, Gender: Female, Nickname: Roxie, Ball: Luxury Ball, OT: Terry